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Federico Comelli Ferrari's "virtual metacittà" 


Chiara Canali


Inseparable companion of physical and mental explorations of Federico Comelli Ferrari is a Nikon camera, the lens directed to seize and multiple overlapping frames of urban architecture. Final result is not shooting fast, direct and unique photographer, but a work in post-production that allows the artist to select, choose, cut and sew a jagged and composite collage of signs and geometric forms that evaluate the architecture end of the town.


A seemingly ironic and playful process that hides a great skill and understanding of both, the compositional and structural point of view, both from the point of view of colour. First, the three-dimensional image is made flat, on a white or transparent plexiglass, allowing the architectural silhouette in the foreground, which is being reorganized through the precarious overlapping photographic prints digitally toned and negative according to precise shades totally invented, if not maintain any relation with the original building. In this way it unfolds before the viewer a new reality, completely fictitious and imaginary, which nevertheless gives a flavor of the place the atmosphere of an ideal space, colors, sounds and sensations perceived from the truth.

It is a mechanical yet realized that the end of Federico Comelli Ferrari has exercised and in respect of Italian cityscapes (and Milan, where he lives and works) and some scenarios and exotic objects such as Istanbul, Prague, Havana, London, etc. ... The city of Milan, for example, has caught the Velasca Tower, the architectural expression of the post World War II, a structure unstable and fluctuating, that seems to sway the city's changing fortunes. And then the Porta Garibaldi, the Pirelli skyscraper, which until now has held the record height, and even the '"Needle and thread" Oldenburg's Square, the towers of the Castello Sforzesco, the Columns of San Lorenzo, the iron bridge Porta Genova with its development in the horizontal, the Stadium Meazza San Siro with its overlapping rings, the new Central Station with the centrifugal expansion of lines. And departing from Milan, here is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul whose circular domes give the reason for all the fragments, the tank with iridescent facets of prisms and triangles side by side like a fan, the Galata Tower and other monuments of historical value and artistic.

"Filaments urban", symbolic places in Europe that are ubiquitous in all capital cities or major conurbations and weld hosting most of the activities and life experiences of the inhabitants. Every great city is a world but a recapitulation of the world with its diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, social and economic. Large metropolitan areas worldwide interconnected and constituting a sort of "virtual metacittà" (Paul Virilio). A world-city, the local-global, the local colors of the global and vice versa, thanks to large international architectural projects that unify and call them, as recalled by Marc Augé. A "bricolage" expression that is expressed in the areas of planning, architecture, art and design, with the play of shapes and distant objects.

Eclecticism inspired visionary and humanistic images of Federico Comelli Ferrari is gathered on the one hand the desire to return to the origins of cities and their traditions, the other the desire to join a plurality, a diversity, a recomposition to redefine the open mind  to many different cultures. With its formal semantics and operation Federico Comelli Ferrari wants to give back "here" 's "elsewhere" swapping' s "elsewhere" with the "here" revitalizing a "metacittà" virtual magic with one click.



Future events:

2014 (dates to be decided) Invited by Link Art Fair, Artist Official symbol of the fair, Seoul

2014 (dates to be decided) Invited by Link Art Fair, Artist Official symbol of the fair, Dubai

December 2013 Invited by Link Art Fair, Artist Official symbol of the fair, Miami


Past events:

May 2013 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong

May 2013 Koo Galerie, Hong Kong

May 2013 Invited by Link Art Fair, Artist Official symbol of the fair, Hong Kong

Kaleidoskopica 2012, exhibition with video installation site specific, Lighthouse Aldo Rossi sponsored

by the City of Lanciano (Lanciano, Italy)

2012 AAF, Superstudio + (Milan, Italy)

2012 El Otro El Mismo, Hernandez Gallery, Milan

2012 installation Palazzo del Sole 24 Ore (Renzo Piano) for AAM "Virtual Metacittà"

2012, AAF, + Superstudio, Milan

2011 "Vogue exposition", Space Tortona 32, Milan

2011 "Boot Kickin 'art center in London "The Sisters", London

2011 "Bifocales" Cuban national art center "Luz y Oficios", Havana

2011 "Milan Accueil", French Consulate, Milan

2011 "Mutations" Fabbrica Borroni,Bipersonal,Bollate,Milan

2011, "Palestra", Arci Bellezza, Milan

2010 "Mq", Space Stendhal 36, Milan

2010, "Personal Anthology" Teatro Parenti, for Elita Sunday Park, Milan

2010, "Condom Art", Munari Gallery,Milan

2005 "15x18cm", Section collateral Venice Biennale.

2004 "Stop Violence Against Women". Work commissioned by Amnesty International